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    How to Permanently Fix RROD ( Red Ring of Death)


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    How to Permanently Fix RROD ( Red Ring of Death)

    Post  Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:31 pm

    ' NOTE ' : Do this at your own Risk i have done it once for my friend and it has worked you on the other hand might not get so lucky but other than that this is all on you but it does work !

    Items Needed:

    - Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste
    - 24 5mm flat washers
    - 8 M5 x .8 x 10mm machine screws

    - T10 and T8 Torx
    - Pliers
    - Phillips screwdriver
    - 1/4 inch socket

    If you don't know how to open your console watch this tutorial Very Happy

    Once you get inside the console
    Remove the dvd drive, air duct, Ring of light board, and all of the motherboard screws on the bottom. Pull the motherboard out of the metal case and you should be left with this:

    After You Have Done That
    Flip the motherboard over and you will see Microsofts cheap x clamps. These are the main cause of the 3 red lights. We need to pry these off, I use pliers but you can use a small flathead screwdriver. either way, be VERY careful not to damage the motherboard in the process.

    After removing both of them it should look like this:

    Heres the tricky part, you have to hold the screws in place while threading them into the heatsinks. I flip the motherboard on its side then thread the screws into the heatsink. Flip the motherboard over and screw them in as tight as you can.

    Repeat with the other side.
    Put the motherboard back in the metal casing and plug in the ring of light, AV and power cables.

    Turn it on, you will most likely still have the 3 red lights.

    If you do, leave the fan unplugged and let it run until it overheats (2 red lights). Wait a few more minutes then turn it off.

    Let it cool for a minute then turn it on and see if it worked.

    If its green lights put everything back together and your good to go. Very Happy

    Thanks for my friend Scar and Credits to him also Very Happy !

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