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    How to Download Xbox 360 Games for Free


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    How to Download Xbox 360 Games for Free

    Post  Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:24 pm

    What you will need for this tutorial:
    1.) One DVD+RW DL
    2.) A DVD drive that can write Dual Layer DVDs
    3.) IMG Burn to burn DVDs

    NOTE: If you want to download XBox 360 ISOs, refer to this site: XBOX360 ISO - XBOX 360 GAMES You have tor register for free. So don't worry if you are looking for a place to download ISOs.

    I have seen a few threads and posts about help with IMG Burn so here it is!

    Download IMG Burn: The Official ImgBurn Website


    Everything inside the spoiler is configuration, BEFORE burning the disc.

    1.) Open IMGBurn
    2.) Go to Tools->Settings...
    3.) You should be in the "General" tab as default, look right from that tab and you should see a "Write" tab, click it
    4.) Make sure you are on the "Page 1" sub-tab, under the "Options" header, check "User Specified"
    5.) Type "1913760" (w/o quotes) where it says "Sectors in L0"

    Now here is a notice, if you change the name of the .iso, open .dvd with notepad and you should see the old name of the .iso, change it to the new one, and always make sure the .dvd and .iso are in the same folder when you try to burn.
    Now for the burning:
    1.) Open IMGBurn
    2.) Browse to your .dvd
    3.) Go to step 4 if you have a fast, and durable DVD drive or skip to step 5 if not
    4.) Make sure your burning speed is set to MAX
    5.) Make sure your speed is set around 2x or 4x
    5.) Hit Burn and watch the three bars go left and right in awe
    6.) Uncheck Verify before the burning ends
    7.) ?????
    8.) ???????
    99.) Take out your disc when done then play Very Happy

    The reason I kinda' discriminate between the speeds is b/c the game might "skip" if you burn a DVD on a too high speed for your DVD drive to handle.
    Make sure you burn with a DVD+RW DL and that your DVD drive writes DualLayer DVDs

    Keep your two files in one place!

    Changing the name of the .iso? So do that same thing in .dvd too!

    This is how you go to your settings...

    In the below pic, in the right side there's is a thin line square and at the top it says "Options." Below is how your "Options" box should look like...

    Thanks For Viewing My Post

    ~Thanks to My Buddy KrossFire !

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